Internet marketing is the process of promoting online business using appropriate internet marketing tools. Marketing is a common language in offline business world. This is because of its importance in the development of a reliable business system. Without marketing, business will be at a standstill and hence no appreciable progress will be achieved in any business and, the hope of making any tangible profit will be defeated. So, as important as marketing is to the offline business, so it is also to online business. Therefore, after registering your domain name and putting up a nice website hosted by a reliable hosting company, your work has just started. It is not yet the time for you to sit back and count money as many internet marketers used to say in their advertisement copies. Once your website is up, there is need for you to create awareness of what you have for people on the site. In offline business which requires, through an effective offline marketing and advertisement strategies that customers walk down to their warehouses, offices or shops to have a look at what they are selling and buy the products or services if they are pleased with the pricing and the quality of the products and services. Online and home based businesses require an effective strategic internet marketing techniques that will not only bring visitors to the website but will also convert these visitors to sales and maintained them as permanent customers. Publishers need to understand which technique is yielding excellent results to his business throughput so as to cut expenditures to a barest minimum level possible.  Internet marketing when applied appropriately to any internet business will result in appreciable profit maximization. Since profit realization  is a major factor in setting up any business, then the subject of internet marketing needs to be well embraced if any meaningful success is to be achieved in internet business. In internet marketing, there are various ways you can advertise your site, products and services. Many of the tools in use today are free while a good number of them require that you pay a little amount money. I will list here key tools and techniques that successful marketers use to market any products and services online.

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Article marketing
  3. Pay per click
  4. Social media networks
  5. E-mail signature
  6. Text links
  7. Banners
  8. Blogging
  9. Newsletter

10. Press release

11. E-mail marketing