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Every moment, people visit the internet for one information or the other.

Many people are seriously in search of a legitimate business that they can either do online or a home-based business they can do to make extra income.

Unfortunately, many of these visitors are usually turned back in disappointment for lack of reliable information that could meet their business requirement and expectations.

In the process of searching the internet, a lot of these visitors get confused considering the numerous business ideas they usually come across some of which are yet to be tested and proven.

Even though, internet is full of different highly rich-information contents, yet, a lot of useless information fly everywhere on the internet.

A lot of scams, pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick kind of programmes etc are everywhere on the internet. It only takes, experience and special care not to fall a victim in the hand of the scammers.

Here is one of the best online businesses that you can do without spending any dime. It is called online store.

What is an online store?

An online store is a store that is accessible online. Unlike the conventional stores you are familiar with; online store cannot be physically walked to the way you normally go to the physical stores to buy our goods. But, rather you reach it through the internet.

Online store however is designed to display your goods for the internet shoppers to see and purchase if they like them and they are pleased with your pricing.

Purchasing items from online store is very simple. When a customer sees any products that interest him, say in your store, he pulls out his credit card and place order in respect of the products.

You, the owner of the store receive the order with the help of your online payment processing company. Once the payment solution company confirms to you that the customer has paid for the goods he ordered for, then, you the owner of the store will have to arrange how the goods will be shipped to the buyer depending on the geographical location of the buyer.

Your charges for the product will include shipping so that you don’t incur unnecessary shortages.

Most online stores can be owned free of charge. In addition, they are usually very easy to create and manage. No special skills are required to set a beautiful store up.

It is even possible for you to have more than one store. Apart from this, the products you will sell in your store are all available to you free of charge.  When you sell from this store, you get commission on every sale.

It is possible for you to have your physical shops filled with the products you are selling, display the video shots of these products online and sell them to internet users, who come online for shopping .This gives you advantage of making your goods and  services available to a large group of people rather than just selling to people in your locality which is the case with physical shop owners.


Internet marketing is the process of promoting online business using appropriate internet marketing tools. Marketing is a common language in offline business world.

This is because of its importance in the development of a reliable business system. Without marketing, business will be at a standstill and hence no appreciable progress will be achieved in any business and, the hope of making any tangible profit will be defeated.

So, as important as marketing is to the offline business, so it is also to online business. Therefore, after registering your domain name and putting up a nice website hosted by a reliable hosting company, your work has just started. It is not yet the time for you to sit back and count money as many internet marketers used to say in their advertisement copies.

Once your website is up, there is need for you to create awareness of what you have for people on the site. In offline business which requires, through an effective offline marketing and advertisement strategies that customers walk down to their warehouses, offices or shops to have a look at what they are selling and buy the products or services if they are pleased with the pricing and the quality of the products and services.

Online and home based businesses require an effective strategic internet marketing techniques that will not only bring visitors to the website but will also convert these visitors to sales and maintained them as permanent customers.

Publishers need to understand which technique is yielding excellent results to his business throughput so as to cut expenditures to a barest minimum level possible.

Internet marketing when applied appropriately to any internet business will result in appreciable profit maximization. Since profit realization  is a major factor in setting up any business, then the subject of internet marketing needs to be well embraced if any meaningful success is to be achieved in internet business. In internet marketing, there are various ways you can advertise your site, products and services.

Many of the tools in use today are free while a good number of them require that you pay a little amount money. I will list here key tools and techniques that successful marketers use to market any products and services online.

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Article marketing
  3. Pay per click
  4. Social media networks
  5. E-mail signature
  6. Text links
  7. Banners
  8. Blogging
  9. Newsletter

10. Press release

11. E-mail marketing

You have read enough information on the ways to start a profitable online business or the ways to improve your online marketing results.It is time to take real actions. If you are really serious about having an online business managed in a modern way, then your first consideration should be to have your own domain.

Having a domain will lead you to setting up your own website containing relevant information contents which is the main thing search engines require for your page ranking and rich content is what you also need to convert your site visitors into money in your bank account. In order to have your own domain however, you need to register your own personal domain name.

What is Domain?

For you to really understand what domain is, let us use a physical example. Domain can be liking to getting a piece of land for building physical structures like houses, malls, stalls, offices etc.

When you buy a piece of land, it is usually empty until you begin to erect structures on it after obtaining necessary document. But, whether you immediately put structures or not, that piece of land is yours provided you have the right documents at the time of purchase. For you to be recognized as a landlord, you need to erect say, a house or houses with different apartments.

The same thing is applicable to domain; you register your domain name with a domain name registrar. 
When you register your domain, you are given your own space on the internet. Then, there is need for you to really develop your internet space by building your website.

Websites contain web pages and on the web pages are different information you want your website visitors to see whenever they come to your site which must either solve their problems or at least meet their needs. The information in your web pages may be in the form of advertisement, instructions, products information, announcement, images, list of products you want to sell, contact address etc.

Domain name takes the form of, where ”you”  is the name you want your domain to be called. With your domain name, you are accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet. You will need to allow experienced people to handle the hosting and everything about your website and online/home based business for a long term reward  and better returns on your investments.

Having understood what domain, website and web pages are, Of what value is domain to you? Below are the key benefits of having your own domain:

1. Global recognition.

With your domain, you have internet presence. And, with internet presence, you are recognized globally and people all over the world will not exercise much fear to transact business with you. Hence, with your internet presence, your business becomes global and your customer pools multiply.

2. Professionalism. Customers prefer to patronize professional companies.  A personal or business domain gives you a professional image, prestige, and a great credibility

3. Control. The domain belongs to you. You decide what website to design and the content of the various pages. Apart from that, you also decide on what ways to monetize your site.

4. E-mail address:

As part of the package with your domain registration and web site set up, some registrars like  usually include e-mail addresses which is unique to you and your family. For instance you can have e-mail address like It makes your mails look more credible and corporate than using the public provider’s e-mail services to send business e-mail.

I welcome you to this blog. The fact that you find yourself here reveal that you are one of those penciled down by God Almighty for greatness no doubt. This is because I am going to uncover the numerous ways of legitimately creating wealth for yourself using available internet resources and thus making extra Big income. Do I say making extra BIG income? Yes of course! It is true; millions of dollar are being transferred from hands to hands daily through online business transactions. All these legitimate business transactions shall be revealed and the step-by-step guide on how to do business rightly will be shown.
I advise you to pay attention to every information I personally post on this blog because they have the capability of changing your life in a matter of seconds.
I am quite aware of the fact that you have searched everywhere on the internet for at least a legitimate business you can do online without any tangible results. You may have even been outsmarted at one time or the other by the unscrupulous elements who claim to be online internet resource experts. Sorry about that. It has equally happened to me too and to several others.
It’s for this reason and many more that I decided to create a blog like this to help people out in the search for ways out of poverty into paths of greatness.
On this blog, several legitimate ways of making extra big income online shall be revealed as I said earlier and the best approach to convert each way into money making machine will also be treated.
I am going to personally take you by my hands to interesting and important places here on the internet where you too will begin to make not only extra income but extra big income to take care of the pressing bills and your family. Besides, you are going to be shown how you can also establish your own business by creating presence on the internet and begin to generate streams of income at the comfort of your home.
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