It is no longer news that the whole world is experiencing a global economic meltdown.

The effects of this ugly phenomenon are so terrible on many Organizations now including world leading conglomerates.

Most of these conglomerates and Organizations are being forced almost on a daily basis to either close down their entire business operations or trim down their workforce through retrenchment of their staff in order to cut down over head cost.

Most Organizations that are not retrenching as a result of this global plague have also been forced to cut down staff salaries and other fringe benefits.

When companies retrenches or close down business operations, the members of staff of such companies are usually at a great disadvantage as most of them have little or nothing in term of monetary rewards as compensation packages to the concerned people.

Consequently, working class people are regularly being laid off by these companies that are adversely affected by the global economic crunch saga.

You will agree with me that this action will give birth to nothing but increased unemployment situation to the society that is already saturated with unemployed able-bodied youths.

Your own Organization may still be viable now .The question now is that God forbid should any eventuality occur right now, how do you intend to handle it? Experience they say is the best Teacher.

So, most people that are still actively engaged with their employers may not have a concise answer to the above question. I am very sure that those people that have been laid off by their employers for no just cause other than for global economic crunch will understand the question better.

I do not abhor the situation of this category of people. In fact I really feel for them because I understand what they are currently undergoing. I pray God will deliver all of you and you will rejoice again.

Regrettably, the whole world is still in search of solution to this global plague. All available prescriptions and procedures to arrest the situation have failed and there is no indication yet for any solution.

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